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Contract to Hire Staffing Services

Introduction to our contract IT Staffing services:

It is not very easy to establish a strong foundation as a fresh company in any industry or a domain. The process requires a lot of hard work, dedication and investment. Often, start up, project based and some of the service companies are unable to accumulate the required funds and workforce to flourish. Thus, they crumble under pressure and failure in their attempts. However, Contract staffing services is like a boon to these companies. It enables them to hire temporary workforce required for particular projects, and other tasks. While these employees ‘on contract’ fulfil their duties, permanent employees can concentrate on achievements and long-term goals. Thus, it boosts the overall growth and productivity of the company.

Hanaeni’s Contract staffing services are capable of providing any company exactly the type of employee they need. It saves a lot of time, money and effort in the long run. In a world full of excessive numbers of professionals in every field, contract staffing is working in favour of both the company and the individuals seeking jobs to make earnings. Thus, it is a win-win situation for both of the participating parties.

The companies do not have to permanently hire the person and do not have to go through the tough task of firing anyone. Contract staffing is essentially carried out by our staffing company.

Similarly, the employee also maintains a decent reputation in their resume by getting compensated for it adequately and working for multiple companies.

Contract to hire:

When hiring new employees, contract-to-hire positions are ideal for truly assessing an employee’s skills, personal responsibility, and fit in your company’s culture. Our video interview and technical evaluation process will save you time and give you an early advantage to truly assess skills and cultural match for the long term.

With our proven award-winning process and commitment to providing the best candidates, we can help provide the right candidates for your contract-to-hire needs with better interviews, not more interviews. We’ll do the work for you, assess the best possible candidates and provide you videos, technical assessments… much more than just a resume, – saving you ample amount of time and stress that often comes from sifting through stacks of resumes.

Because the IT industry changes at a fast pace, many companies are moving to a “contract-to-hire” or “try-before-you-buy” mentality. Our Staff Augmentation and Contract staffing option allows clients to test a candidate over a specified period while leveraging our knowledge of the local candidate pool with talented IT professionals to augment your own staff of employees.

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